Safest in the industry

How are they so safe?

Safety is part of our organizational culture, so our drivers go above and beyond to make sure they are safe even before they make contact with the general public.

Drug and alcohol Program

  • Every driver partner takes a drug test before they even start driving a passenger
  • The drug testing meets federal standards

Background checks

  • Every driver goes through a comprehensive background check, checking federal, state, and sex offender databases
  • We fingerprint drivers and run them through the state

We make sure our drivers can drive

  • We continuously check their driving records
  • We make sure they are healthy enough to drive as part of the MVN 2 network
  • And administer a behind the wheel training program to ensure they know what they are doing

Mission statements – Transportation is taken for granted by a lot of the population, we want to make sure that you are able to do the same. Life is hard enough, why worry about transportation!

What we believe – Across the board we believe transportation should be accessible to everybody and not just any transportation, safe transportation. We go the extra mile, and are willing to do more than the mere minimum.